How To Flash Your Sprint HTC EVO 4G To Boost Mobile ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! 2011

How To Flash Your Sprint HTC EVO 4G To Boost Mobile ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! 2011 Tube. Duration : 5.48 Mins.

Download Link: www.multiupload.com With this guide you will be able to fully flash your Sprint HTC Evo 4G to Boost Mobile with in a hour. All the features below will work properly on your newly converted Boost Mobile HTC Evo. The guide is 8 pages contains 5 steps, detailed instructions and all the programs needed to fully flash your phone. Boost Mobile HTC Evo features: MMS and SMS will work. Data speeds 3G. Making and receiving phone calls. unlimited data plan. Fully functioning Android Market. Update's: 9/21/2011_Added (42) MEID & (60) ESN locations for radio 10/13/2011_Added (10) MEID & (12) ESN locations for radio Scanable memory locations were also added. This Guide VS others on the web. This guide is written by a professional flashing technician and then tested by a average consumer. It is nothing like the other guides floating on the web that cost , or the ones that cost . We have seen these guides and we have fixed the phones that these guides have semi bricked. Just Google "White screen Bootlooping HTC Evo after writing NV items". All the guides we have seen to date are missing key instructions and all of them are written by one author and re sold at various prices. Even worst all the guides are poorly written with out of date software and broken website links. This guide includes all the programs needed and even include extras such as a auto root program to root your HTC Evo. Download Link: www.multiupload.com I did not ...

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